Just a few things


I haven’t posted in quite some time so i thought this evening would be a good time to update on a few things.

First, we are back to our fall hours: Tuesday-Sat, 830a-5.

Second, from time to time i’d like to respond to our most commonly asked questions in the shop. We welcome and happily invite all questions! Curiousity is a part of the exchange.

We will feature a natural coffee here and there. You can’t mistake the taste…pungent, sweet, prominent. What does natural mean? Why such distinct flavors? This article breaks down the most commonly used processes.

Finally, holidays are coming in close and Cairo is available for your small gatherings, craft events, etc. Contact us at cairocoffee1@gmail.com for more info. Let’s chat!


New Spring/Summer Hours

Edit: Thursday hours have been shortened a bit until 7p!

Check out our (Savvy Chic too!) new Thursday evening hours this week and throughout the spring/summer!



Welcoming in the new year.

A collection of photos from the year(courtesy of YOU and instagram)! 2016 ended successfully and we are looking forward to new additions to the coffee rotation with a midwest roaster coming soon. Thank you for supporting Cairo for the past 10.5 months! To progress and peace in 2017.img_4305