My first write up! Thank you to Eater Detroit and to all my supportive visitors and friends. The first month breezed by and i’m preparing for some new additions to the menu come summertime. ¬†For now, try a new addition from Counter Culture Coffee. Nueva Llusta (Caranavi, Bolivia) has notes of nougat and black cherry with a delicate sweetness in the finish.




Mornings at the shop! Just a couple bags left of the Kinyovu, Burundi (Madcap Coffee) and Idido, Ethiopia (Counter Culture Coffee). New Coffee from Madcap tomorrow: Galeras, Colombia with notes of tropical fruit and berries. A vibrant but balanced cup. Also available in a 12 oz. bag to take home ($17).

New Coffees!

Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, North Carolina introduces Apollo, silky and floral from Idido, Ethiopia.
Hosting blackberry and milk chocolate notes, Kinyovu from Burundi is a balanced but exciting coffee! Those berry notes make this a unique cup with a sweet finish. By MADCAP COFFEE in Grand Rapids, MI


Hello, friends and followers. I’ll be updating some info about the shop here and hopefully sharing some news that’s relevant to the world of specialty coffee. I’m a multi-roaster shop and currently offering Madcap Coffee(Grand Rapids, MI) and Counter Culture Coffee (Durham, NC). Thanks for stopping by. See you at Cairo!